05 October 2008


Kernavė, a medieval capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, today is a tourist and archeological village (with population of 318 as of 1999) in Širvintos district municipality in southeast Lithuania. A Lithuanian state cultural reserve was established in Kernavė in 2003.
Kernavė is situated near the bend of the Neris and the Pajauta valley, next to the area of historic hillfort mounds, piliakalnis. Kernavė is situated on the right bank of the river Neris, on the upper Neris terrace. The distance to Širvintos is 21 kilometres, to Vilnius - 37 km. It is close to the Vilnius-Kaunas (18 km) and Vilnius-Panevėžys (17 km) highways. It is possible to travel to Kernavė from Vilnius by the river Neris. Kernavė is at the center of one of the Lithuanian districts. The southern part of the town borders on a nature reservation.

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